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Medical Transportation Services

Medical transportation is a critically important service that can save lives. Medical transportation generally consists of non-emergency medical transportation, emergency medical transportation and non-emergency non-medical transportation.

One of the most popular emergency transportation services is the emergency ambulance transportation. This service is usually available by dialing the 911 emergency response number. Non-emergency medical transportation is a medical transportation service to a healthcare facility.

This service is especially important if your medical condition does not allow you to use the regular private or public means of transportation. The service often requires a written consent from the patient’s physician. 

A non-emergency medical transportation service, on the other hand, is recommended for long suffering patients who are recovering from serious medical injuries or procedures. The service is designed to assists patients to attend their medical appointment.


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A long distance medical transportation team typically consists of nurses, an oversight physician and professional drivers. The crew members are generally individuals with several years of experience. The oversight physician should be on call 24/7 for consultation purposes.

The long distance medical mode of transportation should be medically equipped with a number of critical care equipment’s and medicines. The most common travel equipment’s include oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, nutritional supplements, vital signs equipment, pulse oximeter, catheter care, suction tube and PEG tubes.

The nebulizer is often used to treat patients with asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD and other respiratory illnesses. On the other hand, the PEG tubes are used for supplying nutrition, especially in cases where the patient cannot adequately use the oral feeding means. The other long distance medical travel items are basic medications and the medications the patient is currently taking. The everyday OTC medications include Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aspirin.

Mastering the Trail of Medical Transportation

Medical transportation is very important to many every day. For medical and/or non-medical reasons (like not being able to afford a car), a lot of people do not drive. Not only are people regularly in need of transportation to meet their daily needs (shopping, errands, and visiting people just to name a few), but, they more importantly are in need of transportation to get to their important doctor’s appointments. The bigger challenge arises when a medical appointment is out of town. That is when private medical transportation and long distance medical transportation comes into play. When selecting a medical transporter, it is very important to employ someone who is medically trained.

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It is essential to have a person that is medically trained to transport them to medical appointments. The main reason is that they have experience in the medical field. They have been in this situation or similar situations in the past. They know to relax people and make them feel at ease. They also can answer any questions a person may have. Since they can tend to the patient’s needs, they can also make them feel comfortable. Lastly, they will tell a patient all they need to know about their medical condition and they will also be honest with them about it.

A lot of the time a patient needs someone to talk to them and explain fully what is happening with them and what to expect. If a family member or friend transports a patient, even though they mean well, they may say something to scare the patient even more due to their lack of knowledge. A patient can also avoid the costly expense of calling 911 when they have a medically trained person taking them to their medical appointments. Senior citizens are often in need of transportation to doctor’s appointments and private medical transportation offers them a lot of benefits.

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